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2016-17 Registration will be August 2nd from 8 - 1 and August 3rd from 1 - 6 in the East Clarendon Cafeteria.  Students enrolling for the first time need to bring a copy of the child's birth certificate, immunization records, proof of residence, and medicaid card (if applicable).  Students with a change of address or student who own land in Clarendon District Three need to bring proof of residence.  The following are acceptable documentation of proof of residence.  Two evidences of residency are required.

*  Current utility bill (within the last 30 days) displaying service address and parent/guardian billing name

*  Closing statement or current mortgage statement for primary residence which shows the property address

*  Current signed lease agreement with name and phone number of landlord

*  Most recent state or federal income tax return

*  Current paid tax receipt on real estate owned by child

*  Copy of the deed on real estate owned by child

*  Current statement from DSS or other governmental agency which proves residency of the parent/legal guardian

*  Current paycheck stub with address of residency

*  Copy of parent/legal guardian current drivers license

*  In the case of a parent/legal guardian and child residing at a particular address with another adult, a Notarized Residency Affidavit and two proofs of           said adult's residence (two on list above)

The state funding formula is changing this year and it is important that the all school district across the state collect medicaid information.  The school also receives some reimbursement from medicaid for certain programs such as nursing services, speech, and occupational therapy.  Reimbursement to the district has no impact on the regular medicaid benefits a student has and helps school districts provide appropriate services for all students.  Please bring student medicaid cards or number to registration. There is also a form that needs to be signed at registration which allows the school district to file for medicaid reimbursement.

Student Fees

Walker Gamble Elementary = $25 Instructional Fee

East Clarendon Middle High School = $30 Instructional Fee

Tuition Based 4K (non-CDEPP) = $950 ($95 / month)

Out-Of-District Students (5K - 12th grade) = $1,100 ($110/month)

Out-Of-District 4K Students = $1,576 ($157.50 / month)

Additional Fees at East Clarendon Middle High

Technology Fee (all Students) = $5

Supplemental Insurance (Athletes and Cheerleaders, Work-Based Learning Students, Agriculture and FE DuBose Career Center Students) = $15

High School Credit English = $10

High School Credit Math = $10

High School Credit Science = $5

High School Credit Physical Education = $5

High School Computer Literacy Fee = $5

Agriculture Classes (Ag. Science, Ag. Mechanics, Landscaping, Etc.) = $10

Car Registration = $5

Here at Clarendon Three it is our vision to see every student graduate with the knowledge and skills to be successful in their endeavors, whether that is post-secondary 
education or entering the workforce. Our schools strive to provide high quality education for all students, focusing on academics and student learning in order to prepare them to succeed in an ever changing world.

Our commitment to the communities we serve shows in the impact and successes our students have in the world.

Clarendon Three 4K Guidelines 


All pre-registered students will be evaluated for enrollment into 4K at Walker Gamble. Pre-registration does not guarantee enrollment in the WGE 4K program.  This applies to both in-district and out-of-district students.  To be considered, children must turn four-years-old on or before September 1, 2016.  Students who do not live in Clarendon 3 need to pre-register, but will not be considered for the two state-funded Child Development Education Program (CDEP) classes over an in-district student.  Four year old screening will take place May 27th – June 1st.

Slots for the CDEP 4K program will first be filled with students who qualify for Medicaid or free and reduced lunch.  Then students with academic/developmental needs will be added.  All screened children will be ranked and those most at-risk for school success will receive CDEP placement.  Any child who is not a CDEP qualifying student will be considered for a tuition based (non-state funded) 4K class.  If space allows, non CDEP qualifying students may enroll in the non-tuition class.  Pre-registered in-district students will be given priority over out-of-district students.  Children of Clarendon 3 employees living outside the district will be considered in-district.  Grandchildren of Clarendon 3 employees living outside the district will not be considered in-district, but will qualify for the in-district rate for the 4K tuition class.  In the event that more than 20 in-district students are eligible for the tuition 4K class, students will be selected by lottery.  Tuition costs for the non-CDEP 4K class will be $95/month ($950/year) for Clarendon 3 residents and $157.50/month ($1575/year) for out-of-district 4K students.  Tuition can be paid upfront or on a monthly installment plan. This tuition cost is in addition to regular Walker Gamble registration fees.

Notification of 4K acceptance will be mailed to parents late June / early July.  Students who register after student evaluations and initial class placement will be placed as space allows.

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